Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Four Some Aha

A couple of weeks ago Leslie Saeta went on vacation with her family in sunny Italy. You may know Leslie from her weekly radio blog show 'Artists Helping Artists' or 'AHA' for short. It is one of my favourite shows that I make a point of to listen to every week. It is co-hosted by accomplished and talented artists as guests to add their unique spice and flavour to this savoury show. I take notes and learn many great tips and important information that is extremely useful. When Leslie went on vacation she sent her listeners via facebook pictures of her trip to use in our paintings. For me this was wonderful for a couple of reasons. I would get to experience Italy through another artists eyes and see which photos she would use for her own work.
Leslie is an excellent pallet knife artist. Her work is bright, colourful and tastey. Happy, elegantly direct and minimal are words I would use to describe her work and approach. So when I was choosing what photo to use I was living a little vicariously through her.
My focus was to simplify and play with colour. The photo was used as a starting point not the destination it was the feel of a beautiful Italian day beside the water. 

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