Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Terns Supper 7"x10" watercolour

As the late evening sun falls down for the night, a frenzy of dining alights.

Flashes of white darting round and round; terns catch their supper.

Plunging in and out like a needle drawn and threaded through by a giant hand.

So fast and quick, flitting and then... gone like the light,like a thought.

from the wilds of Bedford
Dayle Dodwell

$200 plus s/h or 
e-mail me at dartd@ns.sympatico.ca


Stephen Dell'Aria said...

Very nice watercolor. I also like the other paintings as well. Great work.

Carolina Búzio said...

This is one of my favorites... you have great watercolor skills! I like the fragile moment captured here.